Italian yaki silk top bleached knots for Black women -bW0080


Photo Hair color:2#

Photo hair length:18inches

Silk top(extra fee), bleached knots all around,Natural hairline,baby hair.

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$189.00 tax incl.

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100% indian remy hair full lace wig
1.Material:100% indian remy hair
3.Hair color:#1
4.Hair texture: Italian yaki
5. Natural hairline
6. Baby hair around perimeter
7. Bleached knots

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Italian yaki wigs lace color: Medium brown

2.Photo Length:18" Hair color:#2

4.Hair texture: Italian yaki

5. Natural hairline,very Natural looking!

6. Baby hair around perimeter

7. Bleached knots

8.Silk top(need extra fee)

9.We high recommend you flat iron it if you think it's too thick.

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italian yaki silk top

Italian yaki silk top lace wigs bleached knots

Italian yaki full lace wigs

Italian yaki silk top front

Silk top side back full lace wig

Bleached knots

Silk top hidden knots,Natural hairline

Middle parting,(4X4 parting)

knots 100% invisible,The hair is growing out from your own head~

Silk top full lace wigs

Glueless silk top full cap wig, with 4" X 4" silk top, This is the most Natural looking for African American weomen~~

Glueless italian yaki silk top

Glueless full lace wig with silk top, Clips, and adjustable straps,  we can change the clips to Combs, (leave this requirement in the comment box when you checkout)

silk top combs adjustable

Adjustable straps, Combs, Bleached knots.

combs,adjustable straps

Italian yaki lace wigs is The Most Natural hair for black women

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From Comment
2015-03-31 Jacqueline .... I PAID 307.00 for this wig just for it to shed. The description says bleached knots and it was NOT !!! Im the type to watch reviews before i buy just to make sure its what i wanted, heard great things about it and got extreme shedding, and no bleached knots, meaning it does Not look natural. I also wanted the medium brown lace and recieved the light brown. I will NEVER buy again !!!!!!
2015-03-27 Charlene .... I have had this unit for about a week now and can say that I love love love it! This is my first full lace wig and I was not disappointed. My hair is natural and this resembles my hair as if it was blown out. Everyone thinks it's mine because the silk top makes it look very natural. I will be ordering another unit in the future. My only complaint was that it took a long time to receive it. Probably because of the holiday there. I did send a message and it was answered promptly so I was happy with their customer service.
2015-03-26 Stacy .... I ordered this unit and was very disappointed. I I love the hair texture but it kept tangling and shredding like crazy. I used the knot sealing but it still shredded. Now the unit has multiple bald spots. I guess I got a bad one.

Service on the other hand, has been amazing thus far. I will post again later. I have another unit on order.
2015-03-25 Nateba .... I bought the full lace Italian yaki silk top bleach knots for black women, and I have to say, I was very very DISAPPOINTED. The very first day I wore it, I noticed it had GRAY HAIR in it, as well as a lot of FLYAWAYS at the top. I hoped no one would really notice the grays, and hoped the flyaways would get better. By day 3, the flyaways got worse, the silk lace top began to LOOK exactly LIKE a WIG, and the BLEACH KNOTS began to TURN DARK. I could see the holes in the lace where my part was. Once in the light, the gray hair really stood out. The BOTTOM EDGES of the hair became very FRAYED in 3 short days. The wig itself began to get PUFFY at the top, and contrary to them recommending that you flat iron it, it became very puffy in a couple of hours after doing so. This particular wig was DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE $250 I paid for it!!! I should be able to get a full refund after only 3 days, and it looking the way it does. I'm beyond upset, as is my hair dresser. Upon asking for a refund, I was told no. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND this product, nor will my hair dresser.
2015-03-24 Loretta .... I placed my order Friday and received it the following Monday. Wow! When I opened the package, I was amazed how realistic the wig looks and the color is perfect. In fact, the hair reminds me of the hair I had in my youth (I'm 50). I plan to have my stylist thin it out a bit around the face and add layers to give a bit more style other than that, I love LOVE this wig. Thank you, April!
2015-03-23 amanda .... I would recommend.. the hair feels good like real hair I had to buy both the silktop and the glueless full lace wig I really love it and how you can curl it up too. Soft thick and full I haven't experienced any major shedding on both. I love it and this is my to go wig it's easy to style and maintain to9. 5 stars to this and great service too
2015-03-20 Diedre .... I fell in love with this wig when i first saw the great reviews. I was a little skeptical, so i started out with the U-Part first....LOVED IT! and the shipping took maybe 2 or 3 days. I recently decided to order the silk top. that was on 3/8 and I have yet to receive it. I have sent customer service email after email after email for my order status, no reponse. I had to file a claim with paypal before they finally responded to me on 3/19 telling me my order is ready to ship. This company has great quality wigs, but terrible customer service. Dont think I will be ordering from April Lace Wigs again.
2015-03-20 shawanna .... I order the unit on sunday and received it on Wednesday. I couldn't ask for a fast delivery. Today is the first day I'm wearing the hair and it is amazing.

I keep my hair in its natural state and my natural hair blends perfectly with this unit. So far there is no shedding (but I haven't done anything with it so far).

The only issue I noticed with the unit is the part of the cap the comes right above the ear doesn't stay down like I would like it but I'm sure I can fix that.

Once I do more with the hair I will certainly provide an update.
2015-03-14 Katasha .... I've had my Wig for about 6 months now. I must say I absolutely love it. I have had to make some adjustments by adding an additional strap for support. But overall I really like the quality of the hair and in that its versatile. I'll order another one but maybe just in a different color. A+++
2015-03-14 S. .... This piece is nice, but could be better. It's quite bulky even after flat ironing it, it did little to it. So I'll be getting it sheared. Just to make it look more like my own natural hair when blown. The netting between the lace & 4x4 silk and the lace makes it look unnatural, which may require some kind of camouflage. In addition, the measurements were off. I won't buy another one.
2015-03-10 Spanada .... Read read read.... The first time i purchased this wig i must say i fell in love everyone thought it was my real hair. The truth is after a couple weeks it began to shed however it was still full three months in it sheds more now than ever so i decided to order a new one. I expected it to be the exact same however it was not at all. The hair texture was not the same it was more straight than kinky. The silk top was horrible it felt like paper and it was an awful gray color. It did not look like a scalp at all. The combs were totally different also i did not like the unit at all and when i put on the wig you can tell the first unit from the second one. Im not sure what the issue was but i ended up giving the wig away. Im an an avid front lace wearer because of alopecia and when i say April Lace Wigs are on and off with thier products they are. One minute they are perfect the next is wtf. You are definetly taking a chance when ordering the unit. if they get it right i promise you won't regret your order.
2015-03-10 Spanada .... Read read read.... The first time i purchased this wig i must say i fell in love everyone thought it was my real hair. The truth is after a couple weeks it began to shed however it was still full three months in it sheds more now than ever so i decided to order a new one. I expected it to be the exact same however it was not at all. The hair texture was not the same it was more straight than kinky. The silk top was horrible it felt like paper and it was an awful gray color. It did not look like a scalp at all. The combs were totally different also i did not like the unit at all and when i put on the wig you can tell the first unit from the second one. Im not sure what the issue was but i ended up giving the wig away. Im an an avid front lace wearer because of alopecia and when i say April Lace Wigs are on and off with thier products they are. One minute they are perfect the next is wtf. You are definetly taking a chance when ordering the unit. if they get it right i promise you won't regret your order.
2015-02-27 Chereé .... I love this unit. People keep commenting on how beautiful my hair is!!! Originally I ordered the wrong color and returned it for a refund. I was so excited that I ordered the correct color. I'm glad I did. I will definitely order from them again.
2015-02-25 renee .... This wig came out amazing. I got the 20inch no silk top wig. I didn't add additional density to the cart when ordering. It is not too full at all. I can wear the texture without flat ironing. I only wish I got a size large cap. Next time I will get a silk top too.
2015-02-24 Sharon .... OMG!!!!!! This wig is Amazing. You all need this wig in your life. I looks like my real hair and the shedding is very very minimal. Love ,love,love. Customer Service and delivery A+++
2015-02-21 Keisha .... Hi ordered my unit on Sunday and it is now Friday and not wig...
2015-02-18 Brittany .... I have had this wig for almost a week now...,I love the hair but im experiencing some shedding a little more than minimum. However i did order some knot sealer and hopefully that will reduce the shedding....but other than that i really love this unit!!!
2015-02-16 widelande .... I bought this unit on 9/14/14 and today is 2/15/15 and the hair is still beautifull. I've been wearing it everyday day since 9/14 except on the weekends and wash it every week or every other week. The hair is still beautiful, but I am experiencing a lot of shedding now but only for the past month. At the beginning there was minimal shedding. The hair is still full at 130% density. I have the 20 inches, glueless, silk top but i think they sent me the 22 inches, not complaining. It was the best hair investment because i was able to treat my natural hair while wearing a wig and everybody thinks its my hair and have received a lot of compliments. I am back now to buy a second unit but a different one though so i can use them interchangeably in order for both to last longer. I had bought a unit from aliexpress because it was cheaper and it was horrible and had to pay $40 to return it.
2015-02-15 Brittany .... I order the italian yaki silk top bleached knot: Cap Construction : Cap 2(Glueless full lace wig), Cap size : Large, Hair Color : 4, Hair length : 14inches, Lace Color : medium brown, Silk top : Yes(4x4 inches), plus the kamo knot adjustment which was an extra $45. I was so excited because this was my first full lace wig and everyone on youtube raved about this wig. When first tried the wig the hair soft and didn't shed much as i ran my fingers through it and had relatively few gray,so imagine my disappointment after cutting the lace that quality of the wig wasn't i originally thought. I have bought virgin hair before, so I understand that a few grays is normal. My wig is noticably gray in the sun and looks unnatural seeing as though I am only 21. It also sheds horribly, and I cant really the difference the kamo knots made. The knots dont look like the picture.
2015-01-20 Veleta .... I was really nervous about purchasing because it is the first time I ever purchased a lace wig and this is a big investment. I looked at every review written and video there is out there before I made my decision. I LOVE IT! It looks great naturally, straight and curled. It's very versatile and it looks like my own hair which is what I was going for. I don't have bone straight hair and it is so easy to blend my own hair. I ordered a small cap it was still a little loose. I used the elastic band method and this baby furs snug and is not going anywhere. I will be ordering another!
2015-01-16 Mylene .... I ordered this on Monday and it came today. I ran my fingers through it and washed it and there was no shedding. Awesome wig for sure.
2015-01-15 Heather .... Ordered glueless full lace 16" color #2 no silk top - PROS: (1) Soft texture - like natural blown-out hair; (2) Thick density - although somewhat thinner at crown; (3) Good cap size - large fit well; (4) Minimal shedding; (5) Nice color #2 - dark brown with subtle highlights. CONS: (1) Unbleached knots!! Despite two written requests - very disappointing - by default all units should have bleached knots; (2) Slow delivery - ordered 12/13/14 received 12/26/14; (3) Untrue length - ordered 16" but most hairs measured 14"; (4) Not a fan of this glueless cap - visible demarcation line between lace and cap, ear tabs too close to hairline, cap creates slight "hump" on top of wig, cap is an odd grayish color that looks unnatural when parting in back.
2015-01-06 symphony .... i love this wig! i was eying this wig for 2 years and i finally decided to get it. ladies let me tell u it was the best choice ever! this is my favorite wig. the texture is so soft and real looking and the silk top is perfect. you can't even tell I'm wearing a wig!. everybody loves my hair it looks very Aaliyah like:) i got a 22in, 1b, dark lace with a silk top and a cap size small. i recommend to get the small cap if u don't have a lot of hair like me. and a dark lace if ur brownskin-darkskin. theres not a ton of shedding and it takes a flat iron very well. hardly tangles. its a very good wig i plan to order another one when this one is done because i pln to wear this till she needs to go into wig heaven lol. thanks a lot april
2015-01-06 Mellesa .... I live in the Uk and ordered this wig 6 days ago after seeing it on YouTube. The hair is amazing!!! The cap feels so comfortable on my head and the delivery was super quick!!! Thank you April lace wig!! I predict as a result of my purchase, you'll get plenty of customers from the uk as I'm sure they'll love it as much as I do!!
2015-01-04 Kiara .... I orderd my hair 10 days ago! Still hasn't been shipped out. I've left many messages to them and no reply. Is anyone else having this problem?
2015-01-02 Schwanna .... Schwanna...I have been wearing lace wigs for over 5yrs spending $800 on a single unit so I feel I know a thing or two about hair. I have to say in all the years and all the money I've spent not one can compare to this unit I purchased from April Lace. I ordered the Italian Yaki Silk top glue less full lace wig, 20''. This wig is gorgeous!! The hair texture is AA hair that has been blown dryed but not made straight. The hair is soft and light. I ordered a small cap and it fits perfect. The hairline is beautiful. I leave a little of my hair out in the back when I want to pull it up in a ponytail. My knots came bleached so I have no issues with the line of demarktation. The only issue that I had was with the silk top color. I'm not as dark as Naomi Campbell but I ordered the dark brown silk top however it wasn't dark enough so I had to tint the silk top using the tea bag method. It tinted the silk perfectly. I can not tell you how many people stop me to tell me that I have beautiful hair after they have inspected my head and determine that it is mine! I love it! They are blown away when I tell them it is a wig. They all want to know where I got it! Keep up the good work and you have a customer for life with referrals.
2014-12-23 amanda .... 5 stars I love this unit .... looks full and natural
2014-12-22 Allyson .... I don't appreciate the fact that my previous comments were removed after posting just a week ago...I will NEVER purchase from this site again...I ordered 1B, the wig came with grays, reds and lots of burgundy strands of hair. I spent approximately 5 hours in total pulling and plucking these horrible colors. I did not notice the combination of colors indoors but once I wore the wig out I was able to see in better light how awful this wig looked. By the way, I ordered a medium cap and received LARGE. Just horrible!!! Again, It's not nice to remove my comments. If this site is allowed for only positive feedback, please advise accordingly.
2014-12-20 traceyann .... Beautiful! this is my best wig so far, i love the wig cap!!, the silk top is the BOMB!!!, just like my scalp, loove it, no any shedding at all, i washed it, curl it,just gorgeous!!
2014-12-03 kenn .... Sorry for the delay feedback, I got my Italian yaki one week ago, i have to say it's sooooooooo gorgeous, beautiful and beautiful!!!, the hair and cap are all beautiful , i never saw this gorgeous cap. Mine is glueless cap with silk top!, i love it!!, i will purchase more units from in the future!
2014-11-17 Chanice .... i absolutely love this unit... i ordered it today, & this will be my second time ordering this italian yaki wig. So natural, perfect density & the silk top is amazing. The first time i ordered this wig was in the summer of this year i was so pleased but personally i would say this is a fall/winter wig because when i had this wig in the summer the hair had me so hott. lol But nonetheless this is the best wig ever & thank god the shipping is so fast !!!!!!!
2014-11-13 Karla .... I ordered the glue less full lace with a silk top, and I am very satisfied! This unit is so soft and beautiful. It's very realistic and mimics blown out african american hair. The only problem I have with this unit is that it's loose even when I use the adjustable strap ( I ordered a small). The unit tends to slip back through out the day.
2014-11-09 Larisha .... I order my Italian yaki sili top glueless full lace wig an let me tell you that it was fast shipping yes three days to be expected. I was so happy. The hair is marvelous and it look like my hair forreals. The hairmwas soft an big an full of life, I feel in love with it at first touch. Theres was some odd on this unit there was minimum shedding coming from unboxing the wig, an I felt i was received a unit that was already used, it had two pea sized stains in the cap area aswell as green looking dye near the wig adjustable strips. Now dont get me wrong but the wig as the bomb I love it. I washed the wig to remove the factory smell and to see if it was dyed. No dye came off but it was shedding more than minimum, I was not happy. I have a military dance coming very soon an I wanted to wear this wig to look thee bome but I don't know aboutthat any more. But still ddon't get me wrong I am in love with this hair its like the best. It would have cost around 35bucks to ship it back so I just kept because shipping and handling is costy these days.
2014-11-06 Sabrina .... I am waiting on my wif to
2014-10-25 braian .... I am in LOVE with this WIG!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing. I got the 18 inch Italian yaki wig/ Silk Top. and it is worth every penny. I thank you April Lace for solving all of my hair problems. I will order from you and be a loyal customer from this point forward. This hair is recommended. I order last Wednesday and received today Monday and I can't be happier! Thanks AprilLaceWIGS!!!!!
2014-10-12 Tiana .... Hello, I purchased this wig in january and i wanted to do an update.
I got a 16' with silk top, Not alot of shedding and the hair never really tangled, I love the silk top. It was actually the only reason why i need a new wig. If anyone is having ANY problems with the hair my remedy for dullness,shedding, or even just keeping the hair tamed was 100% olive oil like the kind from the food department. Mix with any hair conditioner and let sit for like 10 minutes u wont regret it. Love the silk top!!!
2014-10-05 Wendy .... Hello everyone, I have ordered 3 different types of wigs from April thus far. I am sorry to say up until I received this Italian yaki I was extremely happy. I have never written a post but I rely on other peoples opinions to make my decision as to which wig I purchase. I ordered 22inch full lace. The length is true to its 22inches, it's not longer
2014-10-03 Stephanie .... This is the first unit I've ordered from this site and I was very pleased. The hair is beautiful and soft. The wig construction is perfect. the service was quick and although I had ordering delays they addressed it quickly. I've had the unit for about a month and i still love it!
2014-10-02 Trenell .... Omg. Ok so I never posted a comment about a wig... Or anything for that matter but I just had to comment on this. First I would like to say that I received my special order wig in SIX days. That is incredible being that it is coming from overseas. I work at the Post Office and I have never seen shipping done so quickly even from state to state. Second, the hair is absolutely GORGEOUS! I have been natural for 4 years now so I can appreciate the texture. I'm loving the African American feel. I ordered a 14 inch with silk top. My only issue is that the cap (medium) is too large for my head. I will have to cut and sew later but right now I am too excited to take it off. I didn't have plans on this Friday night but I'm about to make some because my husband said I have to be seen. Lol. Great job Ordering another right now!
2014-09-06 kimberly .... if you buy this hair DO NOT GET BLEACHED KNOTS it may causes the wig to shed (duh) . it shed excessively if you do not deep condition the hair the hair looks amazingly real i bought the hair on Dec.30, 2013 i wanted to wear it for awhile before giving a review. I have flat ironed this hair and it snaps right back. this wig if you take care of it, it has minimal shedding. when i say minimal i mean MINIMAL !!! i run my fingers through it a few times and i only get a strand of hair sometimes i dont even get that!!! the hair is soft, realistic, and durable i have not had one tear in my lace.
2014-07-05 Abakar .... Oh God, i love this hair, i just curled it with the flex rods and it came out perfect , it is gorgeous . I dont know how to post the pictures on here :(
2014-06-28 Abakar .... Hello,
I am sorry for my previous comment, my leasing office received the package but they could not find it in the office after 4 days.About the hair is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!
2014-06-26 Abakar .... Hi, i ordered this hair on friday night and i paid $15 for express shipping ...and my fear now is that i see online that it is delivered and sign for by leasing office but guess what ? This is not true . What is happening people ? Is anybody here experienced the same thing? I want this hair for my birthday on july 4 :(
2014-06-07 Rebecca .... I can send a pic, i love the hair!
2014-05-29 Breeze .... So I just received my unit today after almost waiting 2 weeks for them to even ship it out .
It took me 3 hours to glue it down being that this is my first EVER Wig ! I LOVE IT !! It's soft .. It's FULL AS HELL ! Looks so natural !
2014-05-16 Breeze .... I just ordered this UNIT ! Cannot wait for it to come ! I will post up what I think about it once it gets here ! I only got the 12 inch because any other inch is just Crazy expensive . HOPE My boyfriend doesn't kill me for ordering this at his expense (: OH WELL!
2014-05-15 Nadirah .... After watching Malibu Dollface review i fell in love with this unit and purchased it. The customer service was great I initially ordered my unit in a color one but my hair is more of a 1b and they made the adjustment with no problem. The unit was not in stock at the time of my purchase so they informed me that they were making it and I received it the very next week. This unit is everything! So soft, full, and long! It mimics my natural hair perfectly. I treated the hair just as I do my natural hair I co washed it with shea moisture conditioner, rinsed it with cold water positioned my part, and left it to air dry. This unit is absolutely beautiful and worth every cent!
2014-05-11 Mahalia .... I can't believe that..!!, got my Glueless Italian yaki today.. i ordered it Wednesday!!, the hair is really gorgeous, very soft.. this is the best Glueless silk top unit i have seen..the cap construction is beautiful, Looooooove it, good customer service and fast shipping, top quality !!!!recommended!!!this is the best glueless full lace silk top wigs for black women!!i will purchase units from your company again!!!
2014-05-09 STELLA .... can you dye this unit, i'm thinking not because its not virgin is it?
Please clarify for me please.
This will be my second order :)
2014-03-22 Demetria .... i looooove the glueless wig silk top cap!Fast shipping, good customer service.this hair is absolutely lovely, this wig is the best unit for African american women!!!
This is my second purchase of this same wig. My current wig is still doing ok but the cap is getting lose to where I have to double over the straps but other than that the hair is still looking good 1 year later. I just purchased my second one 2 days ago and I'm anxiously waiting for it's arrival! This wig does not shed and it's so natural looking that many other females compliment me saying how my hair is so beautiful and healthy looking. This hair is beautiful and is well worth the money! Do not blow dry this hair. Even the little care instruction manual says not to blow dry and they are right. If you blow dry this hair it will start to form fly aways and start to shed a little and even become a little stiff. You can recover it back to it's original state by deep conditioning with a good product but's it's best just to let her dry over night. I love love this wig and can't wait to get my recent purchase. ENJOY!
2014-03-02 Pieta .... This wig looks very natural! I ordered this wig a year ago and it has held up very well. Minimal shedding even a year later. I wear mine almost everyday and recommend deep conditioning it every week. DO NOT blow dry it! Let it air dry and then flat iron it. My sister learned the hard way & now hers is nearly damaged. I just ordered 2 new wigs so I am going to give this one a rest for awhile but decided to post my review for those considering purchasing this one! I definitely recommend it! I got the glueless w/ silktop & bleached knots.
2014-02-22 Latisha .... First, the shipping: It took only 4 days to receive this unit from China to the U.S. I ordered another unit within the U.S. the same day I ordered this one and I'm still waiting on that one. Congrats on the fast shipping!

The unit is beautiful. It looks and feels just like African American hair. I ordered in a number 4 and it seems a bit more red than the average number 4 I order but it still works. No complaints but you may want to order a number 2 if you normally buy number 4. Second, it says the knots come bleached and I also added in the description to bleach the knots. It DOES appear to be bleached along the hairline but it isn't bleached throughout. The lace melts into my skin. Perfect match.

I'm in love with it. It's the most beautiful unit at the price I've ever ordered and I will definitely keep ordering here.
2014-01-25 Tiana .... I have just recieved the Indian Remy Italian Yaki full lace glueless wig a few days ago. I have been wearing it everyday and no tangling or resisting! After almost a week of wear i can still run my fingers through it. I love this wigs texture, very realistic and the comments are true this unit is soooo soft. my wig is so nice that my sister is going to buy from april lace wigs as well. The unit was 16''but was appeared to be longer. It curls and flat irons very well. I just love it can't keep my hands out of it and neither can my friends and coworkers stop touching " my hair"
2014-01-22 Yasmin .... Ladies This wig is sooooo Gooood!!! I have been stopped so many times people think its my real hair LOL I have washed it 3 times and it just gets softer and softer it does not shrink or shed at all!!! I got mine with the silk lace top 18 inches!! I just ordered one for my mother :) Its so believable its unreal!! Thank you for your excellent service April Lace wigs :)
2013-12-16 Michelle .... I've had my wig for a few months now and it's still gorgeous. This was my first wig and my experience has been great. You have a customer for life. I'm in the process of ordering a second wig. There's no shedding and it looks absolutely natural. Thank you, thank you for making the entire ordering process very pleasant.
2013-12-06 Desiree .... I ordered the Italian Yaki Glueless Full Lace with the 4x4 Silk Top. This is my first time ordering a full lace wig and I did a lot of research, read several reviews on Youtube. I heard nothing but positve things about Lace Wigs, So decided to try you guys out... I am so happy that I did. I ordered the Unit on Friday evening 6/28/13 I recieved it today 7/02/13 talk about fast. The Unit is absolutely gorgeous. The hair is soft and very natural looking. I ordered a 12 inch (the label even stated that it was a 12 inch) but it appears that I received a 14 inch. I really love the extra length so no complaints here. I will definitely order from you all again.
2013-10-29 Malikah .... I love this wig people think it's my real hair I ordered the glue-less silk top 14in color 1 in July and I never turned back I can say that this unit has very minimal shedding and the look is so realistic its so think full and healthy looking I will order another soon I don't think I can live without now!
2013-10-15 Twana .... I just placed my second order for this wig today, and will be ordering more in the future. I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOOOVE this wig!! The hair is really gorgeous, very soft, high quality. People are always commenting on how pretty and how thick my hair is. It fools everyone! I highly recommend this wig!

Miss April, I would like to thank you and your staff, for your kindness and exceptional customer service. You took my needs seriously by ensuring that the products and service you offer exceeded my expectations, which in turn, will create long term loyalty from me. April's Lace Wigs is the best!
2013-09-24 Portia .... I just received this unit in a 24" glue less silk top style and I'm extremely impressed with how realistic this unit looks! I 'll give another update once I wear it out a bit ;)!!!
2013-08-21 Dominique .... Love love loooooove this Italian yaki unit, i ordered it Friday, received it Monday, so fast shipping, Thanks April, you give me the new life!!!!!!!!!!!!, this hair just like my own hair, which is for black women absolutely!!!!!, i am sure i will order it again!!!, thanks!!
2013-08-13 Jessica .... A++++ this unit is the Best lace wig I've ever had. bestlacewigs. com SCAMMED me before but is the TRUTH! I got this unit in color #2, 20" with a silk top. Best money I've ever spent. People think it's my real hair and I always get compliments. I will be placing several more orders from The customer service, hair quality and prices are exceptional!!!
2013-01-10 Denise .... Please bleach the knots
2012-11-06 Pamela .... I received my Italian Yaki unit a few days ago, and I can actually say...I Love It !!!!! It seems so real...people at work are asking " is that your hair on the top"(because the parting and the little waves are so realistic) LOL....I just smile at them. The hair is so soft and everyone wants to "touch it". Now, a lady I work with is ordering her one. My only problem is my edges are so thin which makes it difficult to use the clips on the sides, so my unit tends to slip back slightly throughout the day...I`m trying bobby pins, but at the same time trying not to puncture the lace..but, Oh, well, I will figure out a way to keep it from sliding off of my head..LoL (any suggestions pls email me ( thanks in advance
2012-09-07 Lisa & Matt .... Special thanks to Miss April, I Love my units they are gorgeous. Miss April I just wanted to tell you thank you for your compassion and kindness. If you want Diva hair and perfection this is the place to buy your units from. I have 2 silk tops and I cried when I open my package. They were tears of joy. I will be buying more in the future. Love you Miss April. You are wonderful and your units are the best I have ever purchased. You are an "Angel" Miss April. You will not be dissappointed. Thank you so much
2012-07-23 Elisabete Maria .... é a minha primeira peruca sem cola e adorei! a cor é fantástica e a textura do cabelo é óptima.
2012-07-04 glo .... This is my First silk top full lace wig, thick and Very beautiful full lace wig , perfect , Super fast shipping ! ..I will be ordering again
2012-05-08 PEARL .... i love it , this unit is very soft, like my own hair, the silk top is really realistic.. thank you lacewigsfront
2012-04-25 susan .... I can't wait to get my unit, Is this top quality lace wigs in your website? I will order more wigs from you guys soon!!!!
2012-04-23 Anthony .... I have to say this unit is the Best lace wigs i have ordered actually, i mean the Best Glueless silk top, Thank you April, i really loooooooove the Italian yaki wig, just it's a little short, i think i will order one 20inches soon..I like long and big hair :), Fast shipping and great customer service!!!
2012-03-20 Sally Renee .... I got my custom unit today, Italian yaki, 20inches, glueless full lace wig with silk top, i really really looooooove it!!!!!!!!!!, this unit is gorgeous!!, beautiful!!, the hair looks really like my hair, soft and thick.. Thanks LWF!!! will buy again!
2012-03-11 TAMIEKA .... This is the unit I want

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